Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework

In 2000, Microsoft released its Microsoft .NET Framework for using the internet and the web development engineering use of the software rather than focus to use a programming language.NET you to create any Microsoft .NET Frameworklanguages such as C++, Visual Basic, c# and many others. According to the time, Microsoft included ASP.NET technology. The .NET framework executed apps and contain Class Library whenever possible to boost software development processed the quality and performance software you developed Microsoft .NET Framework.

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

CLR is virtual machine software that manages the execution of a program and hides the hardware and operating system OP. The source code is executed and managed by the CLR managed code. The first code of common language runtime is compiled into MSIL Microsoft intermediate language. CLR translated the MSIL file convert into machine language than machine language code executed on the platform Microsoft .NET Framework

Platform independence

The platform can run any .net program ability of a program to execute without any modification across multiple platforms. one time of code can be used to any other computer without modification this way saves time and money Microsoft .NET Framework

Language interoperability

The .net framework provides a high level of language because the software is written in different components c#, visual Basic all compiled into the MSIL Microsoft intermediate language. MSIL allows to framework language independent. Classes and library can be any .net languages. The .net 4.5 which introduced 2012 many improvements and latest feature make your apps will be more efficient faster secured in window 8 graphical user interface.

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