How to Creating Database using Visual Studio C Sharp

Creating Database using Visual Studio C Sharp

Create a database by executing the SQL Server Object Explorer tool window in Visual Studio. Create a Microsoft SQL Server database using Visual Studio with C#

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Before we find out about a database, let us comprehend –

What is Data?

In straightforward words, information can be realities identified with any item in thought. For instance, your name, age, tallness, weight, and so forth are a few information identified with you. An image, picture, document, pdf, and so forth can likewise be viewed as information.

What is a Database?

A database is an efficient assortment of information. They bolster electronic capacity and control of information. Databases make information the executives simple.

Let us talk about a couple of models: An online phone catalog utilizes a database to store information of individuals, telephone numbers, other contact subtleties. Your power specialist co-op utilizes a database to oversee charging, customer related issues, handle shortcoming information, and so on.

Let us likewise consider Facebook. It needs to store, control, and present information identified with individuals, their companions, part exercises, messages, notices, and significantly more. We can give an innumerable number of models for the utilization of databases.

What is SQL?

SQL is the standard language for managing Relational Databases. SQL can be utilized to embed, search, update, and erase database records. SQL can do bunches of different activities, including enhancing and support of databases. SQL represents Structured Query language, articulated as “S-Q-L” or now and then as “See-Quel”… Social databases like MySQL Database, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, and so on use ANSI SQL

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