The dialog box in c#

Dialog box

What is a dialog box?

An exchange box is a kind of window, which is utilized to empower regular correspondence or discourse between a PC and its client Dialog box.

An exchange box is frequently used to give the client the methods for indicating how to actualize an order or to react to an inquiry.

Windows.Form is a base class

At times, in a graphical UI, a window is utilized to speak with the client or set up an exchange between the client and the application. This extra window is known as a discourse box. It might convey data to the client; brief the client for a reaction or both.

The least complex sort of discourse box is the admonition which shows a message and may require the client to recognize that the message has been perused, as a rule by clicking “alright” or a choice with respect to whether an activity should proceed by clicking “alright” or “Drop”.

Some discourse boxes are standard like the admonition message or blunder message. Spare the record and enter the secret word. These are called standard discourse boxes.

A discourse box can likewise be modified. Such an exchange box is known as a custom discourse box.

Exchange boxes are unique structures that are non-resizable. They are additionally used to show the messages to the client. The messages can be blunder messages, affirmation of the secret phrase, affirmation for the erasure of a specific record, Find-Replace utility of the word and so on. There are standard exchange boxes to open and spare a record, select an envelope, print the reports, set the textual style or shading for the content, and so on.

MessageBox class is utilized to show messages to the client. The show() technique is utilized to show a message box with the predetermined content, inscription, catches, and symbol. There are different over-burdens likewise accessible.

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