US and German companies results of joint corona vaccine

US and German companies claim encouraging results of joint corona vaccine

Two vaccines for corona virus 'produce immunity'
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With 2 doses of the vaccine, antibodies to the virus have been rapidly produced, and the vaccine is safe and the corona is causing immune reactions in patients’ corona virus. US and German companies released data

US and German companies have claimed encouraging results from a joint corona vaccine, with both major pharmaceutical companies claiming that two doses of the vaccine have rapidly produced antibodies to the virus, making the vaccine safer and more resistant to corona patients.

Generating reaction According to media reports, two major US and German pharmaceutical companies, including the German biotech firm BioNTech and the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, have made encouraging results.

The companies on Monday reported important data from the experimental Code 19 vaccine, which, when used on patients, produced a high level of T-cell response against the coronavirus.
The vaccine is safe and is causing immune reactions in patients. The vaccine was reportedly tested on 60 healthy volunteers, with 2 doses of the vaccine rapidly producing antibodies to the virus.


The trial of the vaccine was conducted in German. Earlier, a trial was also held in the United States. Whose data was also released? It is said that 2 vaccines of Corona have also received an award from the American company. Vaccine data has been put on an online server before being published so that all experts can review it carefully.

Russian scientists:

Russian scientists, on the other hand, claim to have developed a safe vaccine for corona. Elena, a researcher at Russia’s Seknov University, says research and trials of the corona vaccine have been completed, and the trial proves the vaccine is completely safe, the first vaccine developed against corona infection.

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