A Good News for PUBG Players

A Good News for PUBG Players

A Good News for PUBG Players
A Good News for PUBG Players
A good News for PUBG Players
A Good News for Players

PTA lifts Ban on PUBG versatile in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has at long last lifted the boycott it set on well known versatile game PUBG after much clamor from people in general.

In an official statement given on Thursday, PTA said that a gathering was held between the position and lawful delegates of Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB).

The organization’s delegates informed PTA individuals on reaction to questions raised by PTA concerning controls set up to forestall abuse of the gaming stage.

The Authority communicated its fulfillment on measures received by PB up until this point and accentuated on proceeded with commitment and a thorough control component.

It said the agent of PB invited PTA’s input on the issue and guaranteed that the worries of PTA would be considered. Furthermore, the organization mentioned PTA to unban.

Keeping in see the positive commitment and reaction of the organization, the Authority has at last chosen to unban.

Press Release: A meeting was held between PTA and legal representatives of Proxima Beta Pte Ltd (PB).
Proxima Beta (PB) representatives briefed the Authority on response to queries raised by PTA with respect to controls put in place by PB to prevent misuse of the gaming platform


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