What is Entity Framework in .NET Framework?

What is Entity Framework in .NET Framework?

Substance Framework is an open-source object-social mapper structure for .NET applications bolstered by Microsoft. It expands the designer’s efficiency as it empowers engineers to work with information utilizing objects of space explicit classes without concentrating on the fundamental database tables and segments where this information is put away.

It kills the requirement for the vast majority of the information gets to code which is utilized to interface with the database that designers, as a rule, need to compose. It gives a theoretical level to the engineers to work with a social table and segments by utilizing the space explicit article.

It additionally lessens the code size of the information explicit applications and the intelligibility of the code increments by utilizing it. This is another innovation for getting to the information for Microsoft application. The most recent adaptation for Entity Framework is 6.0.

The accompanying figure portrays where the Entity Framework present in your application.

Element Framework

The above figure speaks to how an element system connects with the area class and database. It gives an association between the business substance and information tables in the database.

It spares information put away in the properties of business elements and recovers information from the database and changes over it to business substances questions naturally. Element Framework will execute the significant inquiry in the database and afterwards emerge results in cases of your area objects for you to work inside your application.

Theoretical Model

Theoretical Model

When characterizing the class and highlights of substance structure first and afterwards element system converts it into the reasonable model first and it makes database and items in the database from the calculated model this technique is called Code First. Presently your item straightforwardly works with the database to recover or make changes.

Highlights of Entity Framework:

It is stage free.

It utilizes LinQ inquiries to control the information in the database rather than SQL questions.

It monitors esteems that have been changed of the properties of elements.

It additionally spare changes that are done embed, erase or update activities.

It additionally handles simultaneousness so the information supersedes by a client and will reflect when another utilization gets it.

It additionally handles exchange the board consequently and gives the modified choices to exchange the board.

It gives reserving which implies it stores the aftereffect of the habitually utilized questions.

It additionally follows certain shows for programming so it as a matter of course design the EF Model.

It additionally permits to arrange the EF Model by a familiar API to supersede the default show.

If you rolled out any improvements in the database outline, at that point you can mirror those progressions in the EF model by composing relocation order in CLI(Command Line Interface).

It additionally supports the put away method.

It additionally supports defined questions.

What is Entity Framework in .NET Framework?
Highlights of Entity Framework:

What is Entity Framework in .NET Framework?

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