Pakistan flag

Pakistan flag

Pakistan flag

Name Parc̱am-e Sitārah o-Hilāl (Flag of the Crescent and Star)

Use National banner

Adopted 11 August 1947 (73 years back)

Design A white star and sickle on a dim green field, with a vertical white stripe at the lift

Part of an arrangement on the

Culture of Pakistan

The public banner of Pakistan (Urdu: اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان کا پرچم ‎, the banner of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) was embraced in its current structure during a gathering of the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, only three days before the nation’s autonomy, when it turned into the official banner of the Dominion of Pakistan.

It was a while later held by the current-day Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The banner is a green field with a white bow moon and five-rayed star at its inside, and a vertical white stripe at the crane side. Despite the fact that the green shading is ordered uniquely as ‘dim green its official and most steady portrayal is Pakistan green, which is concealed unmistakably hazier.

The banner is alluded to in the public song of praise as the Flag of the Crescent and Star. It is flown on a few significant days of the year including Republic Day, Independence Day, and Defense Day. It is frequently raised each morning at schools, workplaces, and government structures to the sound of the public hymn and brought down again before dusk.


An eminent banner raising and bringing down service is completed every day with incredible grandeur and eagerness at the Wagah Border went to by several onlookers. The administration of the Muslim League received the banner of the Dominion of Pakistan on 11 August 1947. The legislature of Pakistan has articulated principles about the flying of the banner.

It is to be shown at the full pole on 23 March of every year, denoting the selection of the Lahore Resolution in 1940 and the Declaration of the Republic of Pakistan in 1956, and on 14 August in the festivity of Independence Day,

when Pakistan was cut out from British India as a home for Indian Muslims. The banner of Pakistan is additionally referenced in Pakistan’s own public song of praise in the third section perusing “پرچم ستارہ و ہلال، رہبر ترقی و کمال.” which means “Banner with the


Indian Viceroy Louis Mountbatten’s 1947 proposition for the banner of Pakistan, adequately the banner of the Muslim League however with a Union Jack in the canton was dismissed by League pioneer Muhammad Ali Jinnah because he felt that a banner including a Christian Cross close by the Islamic Crescent would not be acknowledged by the Muslims of Pakistan.

Before the Second World War, Muslims and Hindus lived respectively under different rulers which they called “Raja” henceforth the British Raj. Some of the Muslims framed the All India Muslim League. After the Second World War, when the freedom of Pakistan in 1947, the banner of the Muslim League filled in as the reason for the banner of Pakistan.[citation needed]


The green speaks to the Muslim larger part in Pakistan and the white stripe speaks to strict minorities. The bow speaks to advance and the five-pointed star speaks to light and the knowledge banner represents Pakistan’s duty to Islam and the privileges of strict minorities.

The Pakistan Flag depends on the first banner of the Muslim League, which itself drew motivation from the banner of the Sultanate of Delhi, the banner of the Ottoman Empire, and the Flag of the Mughal Empire


Chart of the banner’s structure

The official plan of the public banner was received by the Constituent Assembly along with the meaning of the highlights and extents.

Pakistan flag

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