Medical store free project in c# code source code

Medical store free project in c# code source code

Medical store free project in c# code source code


   The Overall Description

The working in this project will be good planning and trade. The data will be kept in sequence in the main data store, which will help in retrieve of information as well as in its storage. All the operation would be completely Medical store free project done through finally and it ensures that any information is coming from the center is accurate and final. The problem with the added reliability of the system is that now there should be an important store of accurate information. medical store management system project report pdf The main objective of the proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrace of information.

 Product Perspective

The medical store management system is a self-contained system that can manage activities of the medical store as information. A various stakeholder is involved in the medical store management system. The system provides the detail of the business overview that the proposal medical store management system will support completely. These include a general description of the product, user characteristics, general constraints, and any assumption for the system medical store management system project report. 

2.1.1 Operations

  • Log in Admin/Sale man person
  • Add new sale person
  • Buy product
  • Pay bill
  • Sale registration
  • Discount for cash
  • Sales detail
  • Payment detail
  • Print sale report
  • Delivery receipt
  • Add product, search, edit, update, remove

3 Hardware Interfaces

There are various hardware components with which the machine is required to interact. Various hardware interface requirements that need to be fulfilled for the successful functioning of the software are as follow :

Processor:                          Minimum Core 2

Hard disk:                            Minimum 80GB

RAM:                                  Minimum 2 GB


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Medical store free project in c# code source code

4 Software Interfaces

The software requires the support of the following software for the database and other requirements. The system shall interface with My SQL Database. So, there is a certain software interface requirement that needs to be fulfilled which are as follows:

Operating system                            Windows

Language                                            C#

Database                                             MYSQL

C# language is used for coding and MYSQL is used for creating a database.

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