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What is Computer Network / Define Computer Network?

What is Computer Network the idea of communication in IT? They’re utilized in an enormous number of methods and might embody many several types of Computer Network. A pc community is a set of computer systems that can be related collectively in order that they will share info. The earliest examples of laptop networks are from the Nineteen Sixties, however, they’ve come to a great distance within the half-century since then.

What Do Computer Networks Do?

Pc networks are used to hold out numerous duties with the sharing of data.

Among the issues that networks are used for embody:

  • Speaking utilizing email, video, on the spot messaging, and different strategies
  • Sharing gadgets corresponding to printers, scanners, and photocopiers
  • Sharing records data
  • The sharing software program and working packages on distant programs
  • Allowing network users to simply enter and keep info




Types of Computer Network:

There are various several types of community, which can be utilized for various functions and by several types of folks and groups

. Listed here are a few of the community varieties that you just would possibly come throughout:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
    An area space community or LAN is a community that connects computer systems inside a restricted space. This may be in a faculty, a workplace, or perhaps a residence.
  • Personal Area Networks (PAN)
    A private space community is a community that’s based mostly on a person’s workspace. The person’s machine in the middle of the community, with different gadgets related to it. There are additionally wi-fi private space networks.
  • Home Area Networks (HAN)
    A house space community connects gadgets inside a house’s surroundings. It would embody private computer systems, tablets, smartphones, printers, TVs, and different gadgets.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
    A vast space community is a community that covers a bigger geographical space, often with a radius of greater than a kilometer.
  • Campus Networks
    A campus community is a LAN or set of related LANs which is utilized by an authorities company, college, company, or comparable group and is often a community throughout a set of buildings that can be shut collectively.
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
    Metropolitan space networks are networks that stretch throughout an area the dimensions of a metropolitan space. A MAN is a sequence of related LANs in a metropolis, which could additionally connect with a WAN.
  • Enterprise Private Networks
    An enterprise non-public community is utilized by an organization to attach its numerous websites in order that the totally different areas can share sources.
  • Internetworks
    Internetworks join totally different networks collectively to construct a bigger community. Internetworking is usually used to explain constructing a big, world community.
  • Backbone Networks (BBN)
    A spine is part of a community that connects totally different items and supplies a path for the info to be exchanged.
  • Global Area Networks (GAN)
    A world space community is a worldwide community that connects networks all around the globe, such because the web.

Network Design

Pc networks can have totally different designs, with the 2 primary types being consumer/server and peer-to-peer networks. Shopper/server networks have centralized servers for storage, that is accessed by consumer computer systems and gadgets. Peer-to-peer networks are likely to have gadgets that help the identical features. They’re extra widespread in houses, whereas consumer/server networks are extra probably for use by companies.

Network Design
Network Design

Types of Network Connections

There are additionally several types of network connections that concern how components in a network are related to one another. Topologies are used to attach computer systems, with a collapsed ring being the most typical kind because of the Ethernet supporting the web, native space networks, and vast space networks.

Here are some of the topologies that are used to create networks:

Star Topology

A central node connects a cable to every laptop within the network in a star topology. Every laptop within the network has an unbiased connection to the middle of the network, and one connection breaking will not have an effect on the remainder of the network. Nonetheless, one drawback is that many cables are required to kind this sort of network.

Bus Topology

In a bus topology network connection, one cable connects the pc. The data for the final node on the network has to run by every related laptop. There may be much less cabling required, but when the cable breaks it signifies that not one of the computers can attain the network.

Bus Topology
Bus Topology

Ring Topology

A hoop topology is much like a bus topology. It makes use of a single cable with the tip nodes related to one another so the sign can circle by the network to search out its recipient. The sign will strive a number of instances to search out its vacation spot even when the network node is just not working correctly. A collapsed ring has a central node which is a hub, router, or change. The machine has an inside ring topology and has locations for cable to the plugin. Each laptop within the network has its personal cable to plug into the machine. In the workplace, this most likely means having a cabling closet, the place all computers are related to the closet and the change.


Ring Topology
Ring Topology

Network Protocols

Network protocols are the languages that laptop gadgets use to speak. The protocols that laptop networks help provide one other method to outline and group them. Networks can have multiple protocols and everyone can help with totally different functions. Protocols that can be typically used embody TCP/IP, which is most typical on the web and in-residence networks.

Network Protocols
Network Protocols

Wired and Wireless Networks

Many protocols can work with each wired and wi-fi networks. Lately, nonetheless, wi-fi applied sciences have grown and change into far more common. Wi-Fi and different wi-fi applied sciences have change into the favorite possibility for constructing laptop networks. One of many causes for that is that wi-fi networks can simply help several types of wireless devices that have change into common over time, corresponding to smartphones and tablets. Cellular networking is now a vital factor to contemplate as a result of it is not going to go away anytime quickly.

computer Network
computer Network

Key Networking Terms

Open system: an open system is related to the network and ready for communication.

Closed system: a closed system is just not related to the network.

IP (internet protocol) address: the community tackle of the system throughout the network, which is also referred to as the Logical Handle).

MAC address: the MAC tackle or bodily tackle uniquely identifies every host. It’s related to the Network Interface Card (NIC).

Port: a port is a channel by which information is distributed and acquired.

Nodes: nodes is a time period used to discuss with any computing gadgets corresponding to computer systems that ship and obtain network packets throughout the community.

Network packets: the information that’s despatched to and from the nodes in a community.

Routers: routers are items of {hardware} that handle router packets. They decide which node the knowledge got here from and the place to ship it to. A router has a routing protocol that defines the way it communicates with different routers.

Network address translation (NAT): a method that routers use to supply web service to extra gadgets utilizing fewer public IPs. A router has a public IP tackle however gadgets related to it are assigned non-public IPs that others exterior of the network cannot see.

Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP): assigns dynamic IP addresses to hosts and is maintained by the web service provider.

Internet service providers (ISP): firms that present everybody with their web connection, each to people and to businesses and different organizations.

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